Theme for December is: Relationships!

2018-12-04 20.10.54.jpg

Last week we had December's Circle of Curious Complexity meetup, the open space for interdependent leaders and deep thinkers.

The theme for this month (till the next meetup on 15th Jan) is: RELATIONSHIPS.

Could be personal relationships, work relationships, relationships between things...

2018-12-04 18.36.53.jpg

Six of us shared situations that were going on for us around friendships, marriage, work partners, gender... One person only heard about it minutes before and decided to stay! We listened, wrote questions, asked for advice, ate burritos...

I want it to be even if you can't make the meetups/suppers in Birmingham (UK), you can be a member of the Circle, so I thought I'd tell you the theme so you can use it as a focus over the next few weeks.

If any of this sparks thoughts, the hashtag is #circleofcc!