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How to get ready for an awkward conversation

Strategies to make the going smoother. (more info on content)

How to begin to tackle the overwhelm of messy situations

You'll leave this audio class better equipped to begin helping others or yourself enquire into tough-to-define-and-solve situations. You'll have a place to start that then will branch easily into next steps. (more info on content)

How to unpick unhelpful thoughts and feelings about presentations, meetings and conversations

In this class, I share with you a tool that's free, self-facilitated, non-dogmatic, non-New-Age-y and that has given me some profound freedom at difficult points in my life. It's the work of a woman called Byron Katie (who everyone calls 'Katie). It has often helped me to unpick the thoughts that lead to unhelpful feelings, sometimes in a matter of seconds.

In 30 minutes, I'll share the four questions that make up the process, and then what I've learned about how to make them work faster. (more info on content)

Seven ways to improve other people's terrible meetings

Seven strategies to help you bring meetings back on track and make it more likely that dialogue happens and sustainable decisions are made.

Six simple strategies to deal with presentation nerves

Not just tips, but also more profound ways of handling anxiety, there's definitely going to be something here that resonates with you. (more info on content)