Fast track to leadership wisdom

It’s tough to be able to look at the mess and complexity of the world and still take wise and timely action.

Research into adult development by Kegan, Torbert, Garvey-Berger and others has interesting implications for how we can develop this capacity for dynamic wisdom.

In this 45-minute talk, Andi Lightheart shares four simple practices that together, over time, help leaders, thinkers and doers to evolve better instincts in the midst of volatile uncertain times.

Turn up to the session with something you need perspective on and Andi will support you in processing it so you have more clarity on a way forward.

Meg Lightheart is an interdependent leadership coach and inclusive culture specialist.

She helps senior leaders from a wide variety of sectors use reflection to gain greater capacity for practical wisdom.

Meg is currently conducting interviews and research into how adults cross the boundary from independent outcome-focused leadership to interdependent culture-focused leadership, and how that transition is made in different ways by multiply-marginalised folks.

Meg also works with organisations to develop agile cultures which can sense and respond to the rapidly changing environment we’re currently living in.

She is the author of Presentation Now, a WHSmith Business Book of the Month, published by Pearson.