Leadership journey chat

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I’m working on a project/bit of research about how leaders and thinkers evolve.

I’d love for you to be part of it.

If you resonate with the post below, I think you’ll like it.


My idea is that we have a quick initial chat to just talk about stuff/say hi/give you a couple of things to ponder on.

You can book that in here:


Then I’d like us to set up a longer appointment (60-90 mins) where we have a conversation about your journey, how you look at complexity and mess, and how that approach has evolved over time.

Just so you know, I’d like to record the longer session. I might then edit the conversation and use it in a podcast or it might be part of my next book.

If you’re up for it, book in the initial chat, then we’ll sort out the longer session! (I really value your contribution, so we’ll also discuss what you’d like in exchange for your time. Cash or barter! Happy to discuss what’s most congruent for you.)