Phone coaching for individuals

You can see a lot of my coaching approach on the main leadership coaching page.

My standard pricing structure for those is more suited to people in corporate environments. £800-£1000 GBP/month in three or six month payments in advance, for unlimited access to me,  is designed to be straightforward for people who need to get budget approval inside an organisation.

I do also LOVE working with individuals too, so I offer two options if you’re paying from your own pocket: one-off sessions and bundles.

One-off sessions

Whilst there is definite benefit in working together over a period of time, there are instances when you’re in the thick of things - maybe you’re facing a work situation that is more complex than you’ve experienced before, maybe you’ve got a big decision to make and you can’t figure out how to even think about it, maybe you’ve got an important meeting to plan for (or something else) - and you could just do with a sounding board to think it through.

One-off sessions are 90-mins long, and are either by video chat (Zoom/ or just plain old phone. 

  1. You message me to let me know you’d like a session.

  2. We have a quick chat - probably over email - to check if we’re a good fit.

  3. You wing money over to me via a PayPal link I send you, or you do a bank transfer.

  4. I send you a booking link. 

  5. You book in a session.

  6. I call you at the scheduled time.

(If it turns out you’d like to more, I’m happy to roll what you’ve already paid into the price of a bundle.)


If you’d like to have me on hand a bit more regularly, then bundles are for you.

You buy three or six sessions at a discounted rate, and you can then use them up whenever works within 12 months of purchase. You could do them all in a week or spread them out - totally flexible to suit you.

The sequence is a little different with bundles.

  1. You message me to say you’d like a bundle of sessions.

  2. I send you a link to book 15 mins on the phone.

  3. We have a chat to check we’re a good fit - more important than for a one-off session.

  4. If we both want to go ahead, you wing the money over to me via a PayPal link I send you, or you do a bank transfer.

  5. I send you an exclusive booking link I reserve for regular clients.

  6. You book in your first session for 2 hours (rather than 90 mins).

  7. In the first session, we spend 20-30 minutes getting to know each other - I normally get you to tell me your life story! This really helps if we’re going to be working together over time.

  8. We spend the rest of the 90 minutes or so working on whatever you’d like input into.

  9. You book in the rest of your 90 minute sessions when you’re ready.


You can schedule appointments from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, UK time and even some UK Saturday mornings.

That means if you’re in North/South America, we can speak in your morning. If you’re in Australia/NZ/Asia, we can do your late afternoon/early evening.


One-off sessions

90-min phone coaching session = £375 + VAT


3 x 90-min phone coaching sessions @ £300 = £900 + VAT

6 x 90-min phone coaching sessions @ £250 = £1500 + VAT

If that all feels right, go to step one and get in touch!