ReadMore guidelines

Hey! Thanks for being up for joining the ReadMore experiment!

There are quite a few people joining, so here are a couple of guidelines to make sure we shortcut our way to fun:

  1. ReadMore is a private space for people who have reading goals and want to get better at working towards them. Let’s keep the conversation, like, 85% on what we’re reading and how we’re reading. Feel free to share your Goodreads links, post-reading reviews, strategies for how you’re reading more, accountability messages (‘I’m gonna go read for 30 minutes RIGHT NOW’) or anything else that’s on-topic.

    There is ZERO expectation to ‘catch up’ or stay current with what everyone is posting. Just dip in and out as you wish. On that note - if you haven’t been part of a WhatsApp group before, you might not get how busy it can be! Feel free to go to the settings on the group (on Android you click on the three dots in the top right; Apple tap the group name at the top) and mute the group. That just means you’ll still see the messages but won’t get a notification for each one!

    There is also ZERO guilt about hitting targets. You set your own pace. Life happens. 

    There is ZERO guilt about leaving the group (or even returning again). I’d love it if you messaged me before just so I know why, but no pressure. is a revelation. You can type into the group from your laptop! You just need your phone to be on.

    As there are no ‘threads’ like on a Facebook group, you may need to quote what someone said to reply to it. You do that by selecting their message and choosing the left-pointing arrow or selecting ‘Reply’.

  2. ReadMore is a space where People of Colour, LGBTQIA+ people, women + other non-cis-men and disabled people can relax and have fun, talking about BOOKS!

    That means: If someone tells you something you said was in some way problematic/oppressive/harmful/annoying to a group of people who are more marginalised than you along that axis (for example, you’re white and what you said was harmful or disrespectful to People of Colour, or you’re non-trans and what you said was harmful or disrespectful to trans/non-binary people), your only response is to say once:

    ‘I’m sorry. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll go educate myself and do better.’

    It is certainly not an invitation to: go into a huge shame spiral, debate that person, ask to be educated or enter into a private conversation (unless overtly invited by that person). It is an invitation to google. If you’re genuinely stuck, message me privately and I’ll help you google.

    (If you’re exhausted at the thought of bringing something up, or someone is bugging you one-on-one, message me privately.)

    As this is my living room, I reserve the right to take people out of the group either temporarily or permanently if they are being persistently harmful or oppressive.

    Just to be super-clear, when People of Colour talk about white people, it is not reverse racism. Reverse racism is not real. If that doesn’t make sense to you, message me.

    People are the gender they say they are and we use the pronouns people request. If that doesn’t make sense to you, message me.

  3. Everything that happens in ReadMore stays in ReadMore, unless someone gives you permission to share. That includes who is in ReadMore.

Looking forward to geeking out on your books and everyone getting to know everyone!

Meg x