Messy Situations

When things are in transition, we are often faced with situations that are hard to respond to.

Maybe it's a challenge facing your organisation or community like a shift in regulations, a restructure or a problem that's becoming too big to ignore.

It could be a personal challenge like shifting to have more responsibility.

No matter the size of the issue, or how intractable it seems, I can help you think through your response individually or as a group so you improve matters without creating unintended consequences.

Messy situations often can’t be ‘solved’, but they can certainly be improved.


Team Communication

Does your team need to get better at communicating externally?

Or is that they could be better at dealing with conflict and making inclusive sustainable decisions?
I can't wave a magic wand and change your team's culture, but incredible change can happen if we  bring everyone together to start having better conversations.

Sustainable decisions incorporate all relevant viewpoints.

Uncomfortable Conversations

Whether it's giving feedback, bringing up something awkward, having an interview or dealing with conflict, we'll sit down and make sure you have the tools and mindset you need to get through it in the most effective way.

It’s not about active listening, but actually listening.

Presentations and Meetings

If you've got an important presentation or meeting coming up, I can sit down with you (on the phone, on a Skype call or in-person) and help you plan your best approach.

I can support you to prepare a do-able presentation and practice it so that it comes naturally. We can also come up with processes to encourage positive interaction in your meeting, no matter who will be there and how diverse their views are.

You’ll be amazed at how persuasive you can be when you drop your mask.