Culture change starts somewhere

I've been working as the 'Culture Gardener' at Vanti for about a year, helping them to move towards a scalable, agile, inclusive culture whilst preserving the great things that already exist.

Screenshot 2018-08-27 11.37.30.png

I wrote about it in five posts on their site. We thought it was important to mark where the company is starting from, so that in months and years to come everyone can look back and see the distance we've traveled. It can be easy to look at successes and think 'It's easy for them,' so these posts are reference points for how things are now.

Thought you might want a window into a tech company that is doing groundbreaking things to become an amazing place to work.

1. We’re brewing some exciting culture stuff…

This post lays out the framework we're working towards.

2. Vanti’s strengths

Vanti has a lot of strengths already. Here's where I outline them from my perpective.

3. Some big challenges we face

There are some big external/slow-moving challenges that we're facing.

4. People questions we’re looking at

I split the questions we're working into two sections. People questions...

5. System questions we’re looking at

...and system questions.

I am LOVING working inside a company rather than just visiting. Culture change work is fascinating - you have to have long timelines in your mind, listen a lot, and start from where everyone is. I'll keep you posted as we do more.