Presentation masterclass

Presentations are one of the most visible tests of your credibility as a leader.

Every time you or your team stand up to present, whether it’s in a high-stakes situation, a project update or a regular meeting, your reputation and potential are being evaluated.

Sadly, a lack of guidance has led to the stereotype of specialists as being too focused on their specialism, long-winded, lacking in personality and at times even downright confusing.

Since 2004, we've been helping IT managers, lawyers, accountants and other senior technical specialists become business-focused, concise, warm, clear and confident presenters.

We do this by taking teams in groups of 6-8 participants through a two-day masterclass.

Two days of intensive, focused coaching

This class is not about the basics of communication or how many bullets to put on a PowerPoint slide.

It is a hands-on masterclass, in which we discover and build upon the experiences of the individual delegates, introducing new skills and techniques in order to transform their presentation skills.

Each person speaks in front of the group seven or eight times and receives individual, strengths-based coaching on how to engage a group in a planned, yet conversational way.

In addition, everyone gets to regularly monitor their progress on video in private with an experienced presentation coach.

(Sound like more than you need?
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No tricks or quick fixes

Becoming truly engaging is never going to come from acronyms and formulas.

Throughout your class, we help you develop a thorough, durable understanding of the principles of presentation structure. We do this by taking you through a continuous cycle of planning, action and reflection.

Not only will you walk away a more experienced and confident speaker, but you’ll have better instincts as a communicator in any situation.

Practical and comprehensive

As well as gaining insight into making technical topics relevant, our graduates are able to minimise objections, increase buy-in, and raise their team’s reputation every time they speak to a group.

We are strongly opposed to manipulative ‘sales’ techniques, so we teach the concepts of authentic and ethical influence, leading presenters to become more honest, upfront and naturally persuasive.

The masterclass is a beginning  ̶ not an end

Intrinsic to our method is overt instruction in how you can continue to improve after the class is over.

Not only do you leave a significantly better speaker, but just as importantly, you will have the tools, mindset and support to maintain your progress in the months and years to follow.

Is the masterclass right for your team?

If you have an specialist team who:

   (a) have, or soon will have, presentations as a mission-critical part of their lives, and

   (b) actively want a safe way to learn how to present in a style that matches their seniority

then feel free to contact me to see if the professional guidance I offer is what you’re looking for.

(NB: We have a special offer for pilot programmes.)

Our presentation skills masterclass helps teams of senior specialists become more fluent, concise, relevant and confident presenters.

We do major work with clients such as HSBC, Siemens, GlaxoSmithKline, and KPMG and have coached presenters from 22 different countries.

Our strengths-centred process is based on intensely coaching each individual, and so we have a maximum of 8 participants in each group to keep it personal.

We don’t train to a particular style, but help each participant to develop their own voice, building confidence through competence.

How we do it

We take a systematic approach to teaching the skills of effective communication. We build on the aptitude of the individual so as to polish their personal communication style. We know what we’re talking about in a business context and give expert, detailed, specific feedback on your business communication.

When you choose to work with us, you will find that our method provides the opportunity to make significant breakthroughs in your communication ability in a surprisingly short period of time.

Appreciating piano music is a very different experience from playing it. In the same way, knowing the theory of communication is very different from being an outstanding communicator.

Every minute of the masterclass is devoted to giving you better communication instincts.

Rather than just getting you to interact with the latest fad, we train you in real skills that you can’t get from reading books. Even mine!

In short, you become a better presenter in the real world.

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