Presentation workshops

If you see that several members of your team need to work on visible leadership, it may be that working on presentation skills as a group is going to be your best option.

Generally, it works to bring together between six and eight people for either:

  • Half-day workshops

  • Full-day workshops

  • Two-day masterclass.

We can add in some individual presentation coaching too if this is really a priority.

We’ll work on:

  • Planning interesting presentations rapidly

  • Getting more confident with style and delivery

  • Dealing with Q&A and discussion

  • Emotional resilience and adrenalin reduction.

So that you can keep learning after the workshops, we really practice the skills of giving high quality, useful feedback so the team can continue to build each other’s skills.

Half-day and full day workshops are pretty easy to arrange.

The masterclass is the big guns - it’s transformational and intense - only for people who strongly identify this is a significant priority for them.

If you think some workshops will be the best route, drop me a note, we’ll organise a chat so I can find out more about your situation, and we’ll put together a bespoke solution that fits your budget. I invoice, you pay, we sort out dates and venue and press go!